Fort Worth FC COVID-19 Guidelines

Executive Order Face Masks - Effective 6/26/2020 through 8/03/2020:

The Executive order applies to buildings and attachments thereto (i.e. patios) used to produce a good or provide a service. Businesses that fall under this order are restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, indoor sport facilities, etc.

Does the Executive Order apply to businesses that operate recreational and outdoor activities, such as, Fort Worth FC (FWFC)? The order does not apply specific guidelines to outdoor businesses, such as, FWFC. If outdoor gatherings are of 100 people or more, face masks are required. It is recommended by the city for outdoor businesses to implement a Health and Safety policy.

FWFC has implemented a Health and Safety policy that becomes in effect on 6/26/20 and will be in effect till 8/03/20. Updates will be provided if provisions are changed. We require that all parents, guests, players, and coaches abide by these safety guidelines:
  • Coaches are required to wear a mask.
  • Players may wear a mask but are not required.
  • Parents are urged to stay inside their vehicle. We understand it is hot outside and if you wish to exit your vehicle, we require you to wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  • Please do not approach the coaches. If you would like to communicate to a coach please ask for permission first via text, phone call, or email. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.
  • Please practice good hygiene. Please make sure players are fully hydrated before entering the fields.
  • We ask players and parents to apply hand sanitizer before exiting vehicles. Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer to the fields and apply when needed.
  • We ask that players take their temperature before arriving to practice. If you have a slight fever, please stay home, and notify your coach.
  • Please stay home if you do not feel well.
We ask that our FWFC family abides by these guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID in our community. We care about the health of our players, parents, and coaches.